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Blue Light Blockers

Torga Optical offers a range of affordable and attractive blue light blocking lenses


Short-wavelength, high energy blue light scatters more easily than other light, which means that one cannot easily focus upon it. If you're looking at a computer screen, smartphone or other digital device that emits blue light, this unfocused visual light reduces contrast. This can result in the user straining his/her eyes.

Blue light is not all bad - in fact the human body needs it to regulate mood and aid in memory. However, the regularity of use and proximity of digital devices to the eye can result in too much exposure. Exposure to blue light at night, especially via digital devices, can result in (amongst other things) disturbed sleeping patterns. 

There are various ways to protect your eyes from too much exposure to blue light.

Milder exposure to blue light can be treated with normal tinted lenses. For more prolonged exposure, special blue light blocking lenses and UV420 protective lenses are often recommended when it comes shielding your eye from the harmful effects of blue light that is emitted by digital devices. 

Torga Optical offers easy solutions to reduce blue light exposure and digital eyestrain. Torga Optical's Blue Blocker Anti-Reflection coating can be applied to any pair of glasses. Our latest technology UV420 lens material offers not only blue light blocking, but protection from UV radiation as well.  You can upgrade any pair of glasses in Torga Optical to UV420 protection.

You can learn more about the potentially harmful effects of blue light exposure in Torga's Blue Light Demystifier here. You can also click here to make an online booking at your nearest Torga Optical to discuss the best solution for your digital lifestyle with a Torga Optometrist, or download a in-store voucher for blue light protection below. You can also select blue light blocking lenses on most of the glasses available for online purchase.