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Madam Sporty


Not just athletes! But you're definitely someone with a busy and active lifestyle and/or enjoys a sporty look.

You don't always have time for fashion. Your glasses, like your wardrobe has to be functional, comfortable but stylish ---in a relaxed kind of way. No time for frills, just simple lines and comfort is king (or in your case "Queen"). Your motto: less is more and anything extra is extravagant. If it inhibits your movement, it's not for you!

The frames that appeal to you are more on the sporty side of fashion, are durable and can easily coexist between a girls' lunch, working behind your laptop, running after kids and training at the gym.


Question 2: What Shape is Your Face?

If you are unsure, simply look in the mirror and with a white-board marker, trace the basic shape of your face. 

As a rule, when selecting spectacle and/or sunglass frames, one wants to balance the shape of your face with a contrasting shape in order to create balance to the facial proportions.


It's important to note, however, that this is just a guide - a basic rule of thumb - and that your face could be a combination of more than one of these shapes.


Click on one of the four face shapes below that is most similar to yours:

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Our Torga Femina 5051 is a Torga Made acetate frame available in Black, Pink and Beige colours.

Price is for one complete pair of spectacles including Single Vision Hard Coated Lenses. This frame qualifies for Torga Optical's Spectacle Spectacle 2 pair deal. Add 2 frames to your cart to see your discount.

Frame & Lenses from R1,580