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Industry Leading Guarantees

Experience Torga Optical's Magic Customer Service

You know that receiving fantastic customer service is pure magic as a customer. We strive to create this 'magic' when our customers visit any Torga Optical store by providing:

  • Through warm, friendly staff and a comfortable, welcoming practice environment - remember "you're always welcome at Torga Optical."
  • Magic service delivery - treating each Torga Optical customer with special care and attention and, in particular, informing you of the many available eyewear options that will suit your lifestyle, image, personality, and budget.
  • Magic promotions offer you real value through Torga's Spectacle Spectacle promotions.

Torga's fantastic guarantees

When you purchase eyewear from Torga Optical, you are entitled to the following guarantees that are outlined in the Eyewear File that you will receive with your purchase:

  • A 30-day unconditional guarantee on all frames and lenses. If you are unhappy with your Torga Optical purchase, come back to the branch where you purchased your eyewear, and we will replace or adjust it to your satisfaction, at no charge to you. (Some exceptions may apply.)
  • A minimum of two years manufacturer's guarantee on all materials purchased, including frames and lenses. Fair wear and tear is excepted. All of our frames and lenses are manufactured under strict quality control. We have confidence that the materials we offer will last many years, subject to reasonable care and attention.
  • A lifetime of free adjustments and minor repairs with every purchase of fashion eyewear from Torga Optical; you are entitled to free adjustments at any of our branches.
  • Accidentally break your glasses: Should you break or damage your glasses and not be covered by the above guarantees, you will receive a 40% discount on repairing your spectacles. Some exceptions apply, so please refer to your Personal Eyewear File.

Quality Control on Lens Prescriptions

We operate our lens grinding and fitting laboratories to ensure the strictest control on the spectacles manufactured for your prescription.