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Benefits of wearing contacts

What are the benefits of wearing contact lenses?

  • Contact lenses offer freedom from wearing glasses – they look more natural and give you an unobstructed view.

  • Contact lenses are not affected by fogging especially in winter or when playing spots, or rain and are unlikely to get lost.

  • You can wear your choice of sunglasses with contact lenses.

  • Contact lenses can be removed at any time but surgery is generally irreversible and you may still need glasses after surgery.

  • Almost anyone can wear contact lenses whether you are long- or shortsighted or have astigmatism. You also get bifocal or multifocal contact lenses for people who need different lens powers for distance and close work.

  • Having spectacle frames slip down your nose or leave marks on your nose and your ears can be avoided. Perspiration make it easier for frames to slip down your nose and this can also happen in hot, humid weather.

  • Spectacle frames can easily slip when you run or bend forward to pick something up.

  • Spectacle lenses can be very thick and make your eyes look larger or smaller than normal.

  • Spectacles reduce your field of view – with contact lenses you have a wider field of view which makes driving safer.

  • Contact Lenses move with your eyes so the best focus always stay in front of the eye – there is no restrictions caused by a frame.

  • You will be able to read without wearing spectacles.

  • Short sighted people will have the advantage of better vision because images are larger with contact lenses.

  • Contact lenses are great for sailing or just being near the sea when sea spray can be a problem with spectacles.

  • Water skiing is much safer in contact lenses due to clearer splatter free vision.

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling are much better with a face mask worn over contact lenses.

  • For contact sports contact lenses is a better option as you get better side vision with contact lenses.

  • Wearing ski goggles is much easier when wearing contact lenses.

  • In work situations requiring eye protection contact lenses are superior. They will fit more easily under protective goggles or welding masks.

  • Coloured contact lenses can provide the option of a desirable variation in eye colour.

  • Photographs of spectacle wearers can be a disaster with eyes hidden by reflections and/or shadows.

  • Wearing eye make-up looks better because the effects created by the make-up are not hidden by spectacle frames and lenses.

  • Photography and using binoculars are easier when viewing through the camera or binocular.

  • People who work in a hospital or scientific laboratory find it easier to use a microscope when wearing contact lenses.

  • It is easier to apply make-up when wearing contact lenses for people who are long-sighted.

  • From their head down position through sunglasses, cyclists riding racing bikes find contact lenses give them clearer vision.

  • Irritation from smoke is reduced by soft contact lenses.

  • Contact lenses protect the eyes from stinging when cutting onions.